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Grey Melange



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Gunnar Segerqvist was only 16 years old when he started to knit socks in his parents home in Gällstad, Sweden. He then started a company called Gunnar Segerqvist Hemstickeri and it became famous for manufacturing socks of the highest quality. Seger, as the company is called nowadays, has been at the forefront of knitting since 1947 and today they are a Royal Warrant, suppling the Royal Family of Sweden with proper socks.

Fun facts about Seger is that during the Olympics in Munich 1972 the entire Olympic Team from Sweden wore Seger socks and they also created the classic Ingemar Stenmark beanie.

When we wanted to produce our first socks back In 1999 Seger was the first and only choice for us when we were looking for a manufacturer. We were looking for a sock with superior quality and that would last for a very long time. Now 13 years later we know that these socks got what it takes!

The new delivery of SNS socks are finally here and they are good enough for a King or Queen.

Made by Seger in Gällstad, Sweden.

Article info
Size 4-7 has a purple logo and packaging.
Size 8-13 has a mint green logo and packaging.

Material info
70% Cotton
29% Polyamide
1% Lycra

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Grey Melange