Let`s not only talk history here but also talk influence. If you think back, what your first sneaker experience was, what your parents wore or when you check out these “old” LP covers and movies, then you realize the tremendous cultural and fashion influence of the brand that was born in 1917, Converse. Synonymous with the multiple court sports All Star shoes aka. Chuck Taylor, the brand from Boston developed a cult-following from core fans to yacht owners in Monte Carlo, co-determining pop-culture up to a point where the influence became a subcultural phenomenon itself, we are talking Dennis The Menace & Grease via Rocky to Straight Outta Compton and everything in between. With taking over the mainstream (and we don’t mean this in any way negative) Converse recently brought another classic back, the One Star, a shoe with similar influence, that debuted in the 70s but discovered later in the ‘90s by the skateboarding community. Today, the One Star leads the countermovement of Sneakers to new stratospheres. Take a look at what we have in store right now.
Founded over a hundred years ago in Boston, this is where you will find Converse All Star named after Chuck Taylor, Jack Purcell, and other models, from general releases to super limited designs.