SNS Tie-dye Sock

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Not just in Cali we rock our favorite tie-dye garments, we also don’t limit ourselves to tees or hoodies, we go all in, and by that we mean, down to the socks. And when we are already at it, check out the SNS Tie-Dye socks, a new addition to our sock line, featuring embroidered SNS logo, a breathable cotton blend with a ripped calf, reinforced heel & toes as well as a terry knit bottom. These go quite well with every pair of sneakers; you don’t even have to think about matching.


- SNS Tie-dye Sock Blu

- One Size

- SNS embroidery

- Mesh knitting for better breathability

- Ripped calf, which adds stretch & support

- 83% cotton, 14% polyester, 3% spandex