SNS Tie-dye Sock

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Our love for tie-dye goes into the next round with the release of our own SNS Tie-Dye socks. The beloved feet warming garments have seen quite the buzz, so we added a little color to the range and are happy that they finally see the light of day. The SNS Sock comes with embroidered SNS branding and is made with a breathable cotton blend with a ripped calf, reinforced heel & toes as well as a terry knit bottom, which adds quite the cushioning. Now step up your sock game and add a lil color.


- SNS Tie-dye Sock Pink

- One Size

- SNS embroidery

- Mesh knitting for better breathability

- Ripped calf, which adds stretch & support

- 83% cotton, 14% polyester, 3% spandex