Nike ACG ACG 2.5 Packable Jacket

Artikelnummer Bq7340-607

Sport Fuchsia/Lucid Green


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Let’s be honest, the problem often when you are out doing your thing in the outskirts, is that the weather changes in a sec, warm, cold, warm, cold…the Nike ACG 2.5L Packable Jacket makes sure that you don’t have to worry about that anymore. First and foremost, the layered fabric ensures a breathable experience, and when you absolutely don’t need it anymore, you can pack it into a pocket.


- Nike ACG 2.5 Packable Jacket SportFuchsia

- Packable

- Layered fabric

- Zippered chest pocket

- Embroidered graphic

- 100% nylon

- Pocket bags: 100% polyester

Sport Fuchsia/Lucid Green