Nike Sportswear HE Winter Sherpa Jacket

Artikelnummer Bv3720-010

Black/Off Noir


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Nike Sportswear is handing you the Sherpa jawnz (Sorry Philly for reappropriating) to stay cozy during bone-chilling autumn days. The cold-weather ready' 70s-era hiking and climbing fleece-inspired Nike Winter Sherpa Fleece is constructed with finger-licking tasty sherpa fabric, featuring the retro Nike logo, woven panels and a zip opening. The boxy jacket fits right under your favorite winter parka or can easily be rocked as a standalone piece.


- Nike HE Winter Sherpa Jacket Blk/OffNoir

- Utility Look

- Woven panels

- Zipper pull

- 100% polyester

- Panels: 100% nylon.

Black/Off Noir