Carhartt WIP OG Chore Coat

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Hamilton Brown


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This Carhartt OG Chore Coat has been wear-tested over many years in the hardest condition. This one is an icon when it comes to workwear, from Detroit to Stockholm, if you need a coat that shields you from wind and harsh conditions, this is it. And yes, we have seen Kanye wearing it too, which means you can sport it also in Calabasas.


- Carhartt OG Chore Coat HamiltonBrwn

- Stripe blanket lined body

- Nylon taffeta lined sleeves

- Corduroy top collar

- Front closure with buttons

- Adjustable cuffs

- Personalized buttons

- Square label

- 100% Organic Cotton 'Dearborn' Canvas, 12 oz

Hamilton Brown