Carhartt OG Chore Coat

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Classic workwear withstands harsh conditions, especially if it’s the winterized version of this OG Chore Coat by Carhartt WIP. The thick black jacket is made from organic “Dearborn” Canvas, and features a quilted lining, which keeps you cozy. A corduroy collar, as well as several pockets provide the well-known Carhartt look, that is round off by the square label. IF you have ever had the summer version, without lining, this is your chance to transition into hibernation without no one noticing.


- Carhartt OG Chore Coat Blk

- Diamond quilted lined

- Triple stitched

- Corduroy top collar

- Front closure with buttons

- Personalized buttons

- Adjustable cuffs

- 100% organic cotton “Dearborn” Canvas, 12 oz