adidas Consortium ACMON GTX Jacket

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Mist Jade/Black


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adidas has teamed-up with Conroy Nachtigall, known for his amazing work at ARC'TERYX VEILANCE and GORE-TEX Brand to give to essential clothing pieces a waterproof rework. The adidas ACMON GTX Jacket is a customize heaven, a jacket that can be transformed and stored-away in itself, a true innovation. The jacket, which can be made into a west, adapts to every weather situation. The jacket (and vest) feature several pockets, for all your belongings and a hood to keep you shielded from water.


- adidas ACMON GTX Jacket by Conroy Nachtigall

- SNS branded

- Waterproof construction

- Side pockets

- Transformable, from jacket to vest

- Zip closure

Mist Jade/Black