Reebok Alien Fighter Bishops

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Scarlet/Snowy Grey/Castle


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40 years after the legendary first Alien movie was released, and Ripley wore her high-top Reebok “Alien Fighter”, formerly known as Alien Stomper, a lower version of the legendary sneaker makes a return for the anniversary, also seen on the feet of Bishop. The laceless design, which was back then just a modified BB 5600 Basketball shoe by Reebok, stays the same, with midfoot and ankle strap, the white, grey and red sneaker comes with the right amount of retro feel, perfectly setting the picture for all Alien fans.


- Reebok Alien Fighter Bishops Scrlt/SnowyGry

- Leather upper

- Midfoot strap

- EVA midsole

- Rubber outsole

Scarlet/Snowy Grey/Castle