Reebok Daytona DMX II

Artikelnummer Dv7253

Black/Cold Grey/Bright Orange


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What might be just the middle of the week, is also a chance for reflection: Have I copped kicks yet? If the answer is no, the answer lays right at the intersection of Reebok, Daytona and DMX II. No honking needed, just cross it. The lightweight Reebok sneaker straight out of 2000ish returns for the first time, with breathable mesh construction, bright orange accents and they obviously run with DMX cushioning fuel.


- Reebok Daytona DMX II Blk/CldGry

- Mesh and leather upper

- Tongue and heel loop

- EVA midsole

- DMX cushioning technology

- Rubber outsole

Black/Cold Grey/Bright Orange