SNS Velour Track Pants

Artikelnummer Sns-1701-4700

Light Grey


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Sneakersnstuff feels obligated to provide you with the comfiest garments the world has seen. Something Paris Hilton (minus the “juicy”) and Cam’ron could AND WOULD sport all day. Now, we have exactly that, the SNS Velour Track Suit, consisting of this Velour Pant (and its matching top). The Track Pant comes with welt pockets, elastic cuffs and a soft waistband with strap. A tonal Sneakersnstuff lettering tape gives the pant a dope finish.


- Elastic waistband & cuffs

- Sneakersnstuff lettering tape at leg

- Welted pockets

- 80% cotton, 20% polyester  

Light Grey