Aries Lilly Jeans

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The Aries Lilly Aceed Jeans is a classic cut unisex jeans, that can be worn baggy or tight. They fit true to size, so if you want them a bit baggy, take them 2 sizes up. Aries say about the Lilly jeans that it is “best cut for a curvier figure, bigger hips or bums”. The jeans are based on a vintage 1950s selvedge pair, Sofia`s (the founder of Aries) favorite model, with a straight leg and high rise. The jeans is made in Italy from 100% cotton selvedge denim.


- Aries Lilly Jeans Wht

- High waist                                          

- Button fly

- True straight leg jeans

- 100% cotton selvedge denim.

- Stonewashed in Italy