adidas x Raf Simons Raf Simons Detroit Runner

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Night Cargo/Night Cargo/Diva


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Nothing like a good 808 & 303 rave in the meatpacking warehouses in Southwest of Detroit. At least that’s how we would imagine a good night out with these adidas and Raf Simons Detroit runner. While we don’t know if Raf Simons had a good night out in the Motor City and named these shoes after it, what we know is though, that these Night Cargo green-colored futuristic shoes combine the sports aesthetics of adidas and fashion approach by Raf like not much right now on the market.


- Canvas upper

- Suede lining

- Rubber toe cap

- Metallic detailing

- Contrasting pink midsole

- Rubber outsole

Night Cargo/Night Cargo/Diva