Everything thas is essential
nothing that is not



Marking a brand new chapter in the Equipment series

adidas Originals presents the first instalment of EQT for 2017, bringing with it a whole new direction for the iconic 90s franchise.

Pushing the evolution of the groundbreaking EQT series further than ever before, adidas Originals presents a brand new iteration of the EQT Support ADV silhouette, accompanied by a bold new manifestation of the EQT design philosophy; the EQT Support 93/17. Joining this lineup is the EQT Support RF, EQT Support ADV PK and EQT Support Ultra — each decked out in the Equipment Series’ brand new Turbo colour palette.

Turbo Red underpins the entire release as the new signature colour for EQT. Identified as the polar opposite to the range’s original EQT Green, the new color scheme sets the stage for the next generation of EQT. Everything that is essential. Nothing that is not.

Early EQT + ZX Models

EQT MainLine

EQT Collaborations

EQT Collaborations

SNS Teetime Pack

SNS Brewery Pack

An Icon revamped to meed a modern aesthetic, the EQT Support 93/17

2017 EQT Turbo Pack Inspiration

EQT Support


Story of the EQT



Torben Schumacher

EQT Loft, Berlin

2017.01.17 04:33pm

- Q
For those who don’t know you – please introduce yourself and what you do?

- A
I’m Torben Schumacher, the VP of Product at adidas Originals. I have been with adidas for just over 12 years. For the first 4-5 years I took on different strategic roles. Then I moved onto work with product and adidas Originals. For the last 18 months I’ve been heading up on product for Originals, Statement and Y3.

- Q
Whats been your favorite role at adidas?

- A
The one I have right now. To be at this brand at this time is amazing, we have really come together. We have the Ultra boost that is the best running shoe with the best technology in the industry. But also how we talk about Originals, not as a retro brand but as a cultural brand with confidence. It’s just amazing to see how its resonates. It’s a great journey.

- Q
Why is 2017 the year for the EQT? Why do people need a reminder?

- A
The EQT range is clearly one of the holy grails in our archive. Most of you guys know that we have a huge fantastic archive that we love and are proud of. But EQT for us is a lot more then just sneakers or sneaker design. It’s that ethos ”no bullshit”, ”focus on what’s essential”, ”focus on what really makes a difference”, ”look at who you are as a brand and don’t try to chase others”. That whole idea is a huge inspiration. And due to it’s importance for the brand and the history we really want to make sure that we do it loud and proud with the right confidence. Because that’s what EQT is all about, boldness and confidence.

- Q
How much do you as a brand listen and observe the sneaker community?

- A
We try to stay close to people and brands, like you guys, as a partner. You are the eye and ears for us to the streets. But we also talk to our consumers and listen to their feedback. You know we always develop concepts with the idea of how it will be worn in the end. But then the interesting part is to see the final result, to see how its actually worn. Of course if you are lucky you hit on that first idea you had. But it is also interesting to see how its taken in to different looks and how its reinterpret and gets put out of context. That’s when it becomes interesting. And that then internally helps us to come up with new ideas, concepts and projects.

And I guess now with the new EQT drop, seeing what we have been going through with the NMD, Superstar and Stan Smith telling bold, confident stories has helped influence this new EQT line.

- Q
How important is Berlin to adidas and why?

- A
I think its two things. On one hand, historically EQT resonated well in Berlin when it first was launched. I guess the reasons is that it was something new, bold and disruptive for the time. It was very iconic. It wasn’t created to please the majority, it wasn’t democratic in the color choice. It wasn’t the most commercial one, but it was something that could stand out. A lot of things happened in Berlin at that time both politically and culturally, the wall came, cultures clashed and came together. There was a new beginning, and somehow the EQT became some kind of status symbol for a change. For a new start. Something iconic. Historically it fits in very well to the story.

But then also I think the EQT is something that is honest, its raw, it doesn’t try to please anyone. And I think that fits very well in to Berlin. It makes sense.

- Q
Which one of the shoes from this release if your personal favorite?

- A
I’m a classic guy, I like the EQT Support RF. I like how its re-done to fit into todays modern sneaker look. But in general I think its amazing to see a range of new products and to see that they all speak that EQT language very clearly. We have not compromised on technology, comfort or tweight. I think its opened up a conversation for a whole new generation and that was one of our goals. We knew there is a loyal follower on EQT, sneaker lovers that love the OG EQT. But we believe that the story is so good and strong that it deserves to be told to a much broader audience to reach another generation and I think the new EQT line will do that for us.