All Gone All Gone 2021 - Planet Of The (Bored) Apes

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This new All Gone, The finest of street culture 2021 continues to witness the creative force and abnegation that defines the culture and the gamut of its industry.

”Street Culture has already given itself a head start in 2021 to continue to prosper and re-invent itself by quickly embracing the perspectives offered by the Metaverse and Web3. Confronted with the meteoric rise of NFT’s and other decentralized elements within the internet, it has not hidden behind the word "defiance", but instead embraced the word "confidence". Being able to adapt to technological progress with foresight has always given this culture a progressive edge. Consequently, 2021 has only accentuated its leadership in understanding and dominating the world of tomorrow.”

- All Gone All Gone 2021 - Planet Of The (Bored) Apes MULTI

- Hard cover, 200 pages.

- Limited edition of 1750 copies.

- Produced by La MJC.