Vanson Leathers OG Logo Vanson Suede Jacket

商品コード Sns-2309-2300



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Paying homage to the original Sneakersnstuff logo, the exclusive SNS Jordan pack utilizes the OG colors on a pack of three shoes. To accompany the release, we teamed up with Vanson Leather to release this all-suede college jacket. The red and grey jacket is made with US leather, featuring custom US-made self-edge wool rib cuffs, hem and collar, quilted poly-fill lining and a unique number debossed, enabling Vanson to exactly trace a jacket's features, measurements and details such as materials and patches in case a repair is needed.


- SNS OG Logo Vanson Suede Jacket Red

- Elastic wool rib cuffs, hem and collar

- Leather appliques and a custom labeling

- Slant pockets