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SNS joined forces with French luxury porcelain manufacturer Non Sans Raison to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Sneakersnstuff Paris. Known for their luxurious savoir-faire of Limoges porcelain and stunning tableware, the unique porcelain creations from the house are hand-manufactured in the heart of Limoges, an area in France known for its crafted porcelain. Founded by Martial Dumas and Bertille Carpentier in 2008, the young company has made a name for itself since day one, fusing a modern approach with historical knowledge, continuing to stun old-school as well as new-school fans of classic dining ware. The handmade plate (Ø 27cm) features artwork by Yué Wu, which draws its inspiration from the classic 5-franc coin.


- SNS Plate by Non Sans Raison

- Ø 27cm

- Hand made

- 100% porcelain