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VBFC VBFC Vintage T-shirt

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A collab between VBFC and Nike.


Anchored on a patch of sun-bleached concrete, between the Pacific Ocean and the Venice Beach Boardwalk, is a football club unlike any other. On any given day, you can rock up under LA's golden sunsets to witness players from Los Angeles and beyond lace up to ball at the Estadio De Dogtown. Venice Beach Football Club, or VBFC, is a community organization and club built by players, coaches, fans, artists, musicians, and proud locals to change the landscape of football in this country. You can find this beautiful mixture of outcasts, dreamers, has-been's & soon-to-be's going toe-to-toe on the courts every Sunday at their local pickup game, entertaining and inspiring the next generation of talent as they go. 


- VBFC Vintage T-shirt

- Short sleeves

- Chest print

- 100% cotton