SNS Fundamentals Shaker Beanie

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One size

The SNS Shaker Beanie is what Malmö FF fans would call “a must-have.” For all of you that have absolutely no clue what or who Malmö FF is,  here are some things about the city of Sweden’s second-best football club (behind the green and white from Sööööödermalm): It once was Danish (say what!!?). If you google “fun facts about malmö ff” you will find the question asked, “What country is Malmo FF?” Well, the country of the blue and white we would guess. That’s it! Not much more about Malmö. Just kidding, it's marvelous, just like the SNS Shaker Beanie, which is “Stadion-” ready (yes, the Malmö FF arena is just called “Stadion”)


- SNS Shaker Beanie Blu

- Ribbed detailing

- Folded brim with SNS logo

- 100% acrylic