Vault by Vans UA OG Authentic LX

Article no. V00uddu9m

(Canvas/Suede) Leopard/Black



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This Vans Authentic or Style #44 Deck Shoe, how it was once called, brings you the wild-life, and like Leopards, this shoe was made for nocturnal. From clubbing to sunrises and welcoming the day on a boat in Ibiza, since 1977 this icon has seen it all. Be advised though, the natural habitat of a Leopard is rough, and it includes forests, mountains, grassland, and deserts – sounds like a dope rave environment again. Please stay hydrated and enjoy the 100% canvas shoes with just a hint of black suede on the heel.


- Leopard Print

- Rubber Waffle Outsole for longer durability

- Suede Heel Cap

- “Off The Wall” Heel Tab

- 100% Canvas Upper

Article no.
(Canvas/Suede) Leopard/Black