Nike Sportswear Air Max 95 OG

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String/Total Orange/Neutral Olive


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The Nike Air Max 95 can easily be called one of the most iconic Nike sneakers of all time, even though it wasn’t an instant hit after its release. Designed by newly appointed Air Max designer Sergio Lozano, the 95`s resemble the human anatomy as it is inspired by the spine, human skin, muscles, and vertebrae all reflected in the upper. With this shoe, Nike and its designers wanted to shed the light back from the popular basketball trend of the early 90`s back to the performance and running category adding for the first time the “Air-Window” in the front of the shoe. They did it with taking a big risk provoking their customers as well as their own colleagues with a design never seen before: “There were lovers and haters. But you know you’re on to something when you get that kind of emotional reaction.” - Sergio Lozano


Now, one of the OGs is back, the Total Orange Nike Air Max 95 embodies everything we love so much about the 95s. Take a look at the design, no more words needed, it`s cult!


- Synthetic upper

- Mesh overlays

- Foam midsole

- Air-cushioning

- Rubber outsole  

Article no.
String/Total Orange/Neutral Olive