Le Coq Sportif Flash


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The Sneakersnstuff x le coq sportif Flash ”Dunderklumpen” takes inspiration from a classic old Swedish movie called just that – Dunderklumpen. Written by Beppe Wolgers and animated by Per Åhlin this classic movie from 1974 was the very first Swedish animated movie. Starring the mystic character Dunderklumpen who solves his loneliness by using his magic to bring toys to life. The only problem is that the toys belong to Camilla, the daughter of Beppe Wolgers, who is also starring in the movie. Beppe and his son Jens sets out to get Camilla’s toys back and you get to follow them through the Swedish midsummer night.

As a kid growing up in the 70s it is impossible not to have heard or seen anything by Beppe Wolgers. And the values and punch line of many of the tv-shows and movies that he was involved in has probably helped set a standard of moral and values for an entire generation.

The Sneakersnstuff x le coq sportif Flash ”Dunderklumpen” combines the vibrant colors of Dunderklumpen’s clothes, with the yellow flare of his hat. With the toebox in a smooth leather with perforated details that also comes back on the heel. A nice and smooth turquoise leather tipped of with a purple label where you will find the classic le coq label, and a play with the same logo and the SNS logo. You will also find a le coq sportif logo on the left heeltab alongside Sneakersnstuff printed on the right heeltab.