Sneakersnstuff x Reebok Classics Club C 85 ”Premium”

Smooth elk leather. Gold debossing. Minimal branding. Clean and simple lines. We are going back to basics with this Reebok project and aim to get beyond the hype.

The Sneakersnstuff x Reebok Club C 85 ”Premium” marks the first drop in a series where we want to treat the most iconic silhouettes from Reebok with great respect. We don’t expect this to create a line of resellers outside our doors and we don’t expect our servers to crash from bots. We made this for you who want something more than just hype. In fact, we made this for ourselves.

No magic tricks. No gimmicks. No hype. Just premium.

The Sneakersnstuff x Reebok Club C 85 ”Premium” will be available October 14th at all Sneakersnstuff locations and online.

Photography: James Pearson-Howes, Styling: Laura Vartiainen

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