Sneakersnstuff presents the Converse One Star. Linking up with 3 rising UK talents, slowthai, Shy Girl and Kasai, we asked them:

"What role London plays in their creativity as an artist?"

Photographed on location in London by Theo Cottle with styling and creative direction by Charlotte Moss exclusively for Sneakersnstuff.

The One Star was originally designed in the ‘70s for basketball, but it quickly crossed-over from sport to subculture, becoming a staple in the world of skateboarding. Now, the style has been subtly upgraded with plush suede, contrast stitching, increased cushioning and a more durable vulcanized sole. It’s the same iconic sneaker – just made a little bit better.

slowthai: “There is no role, its a point of view. scenery, perspective, escape, anxiety, rat race, serious, romance, diversity, open minds, blind eyes, lack of love, not a look out the window, inhale the smog, write summer songs, its the darker side thats shunned away from the lime light, I’m no politician, IT’S CAT AND MOUSE, DOG EAT DOG! say what you like, and DON’T GIVE A F*CK!!!

My inspiration is feeling. Nothing more, nothing less. Whether it be as I walk the underground, catch the bus or sit in studio. It’s those moments, those feelings that inspire me.

Shy Girl: “London is the driving force behind my creativity as an artist - there's a sense of urgency here that I cant compare with anywhere else - urgency with a purpose. as if you have to make everything count. it can be a hard place to live and unforgiving at times but it has so much to offer its taught me how to take take full advantage of opportunities and not to take things for granted. My creativity thrives on this.”
Kasai: “London is responsible for a strong majority of my creativity. I was born and bred in London. This city has neutered me to the artist I am today. London is one of the most multicultural cities in the world and this shows with my friendship group. Me and my friends are constantly rubbing off on each other due to the fact we all have different heritage but still have the same interests and moral standings. When it comes to the youth of the city I feel we're all just one. Like a social melting pot, from the way we talk down to the way we dress. That's the beauty of London and you can hear that inner city upbringing in my sound and visuals.”