The thirst for Yeezy's is still very much real.

As we have been trying to find the most fair way over time, to release these kind of shoes to the market, the only way that feels reasonable when the demand is so much greater than the supply is to raffle them.

So we have spent some time and energy to build our own raffle solution and now after doing a few more tests, we feel confident to try it out on the Zebra release.

So, we will open up the sign up Tuesday (June 27th) at 15.00 Swedish time. You will all have 2 hours to sign up. Once the sign up is closed, the system will draw the winners, and the losers will get the L-email.. What is different from our previous online raffles is that we need you to validate your method of payment beforehand. If you win, we will charge and ship. If not... well, we will not charge you at all.

Bear in mind this is a Beta test - in the world of e-commerce, nothing is ever really done. We will continue to improve the experience.

Until then - Good Luck