For the release of the Adidas Originals Sneakersnstuff SMU NMD Datamosh pack we will re-visit the same formula we recently tried on another launch. We will give those of you that really wants a pair a chance to sign up to be able to buy a pair of these. Judging by the demand we have seen so far, it will not be that easy to get a hold of a pair of these. I wish we had more to offer, but there are production limits on these so we ordered as many as we could.

adidas Originals Sneakersnstuff SMU NMD Datamosh

The registration is now closed and we will send confirmation emails on Monday.

Yeah, ok – that wasn’t very thought through from our side, was it? Giving you a 4-hour window with no heads up to sign up for the Adidas Originals Sneakersnstuff SMU Datamosh Pack... You see, this is the thing about this: we all understand it is a global world out there – but our schedules don’t always allow a 24 hour window so it fits all of you.

Luckily, we are our own masters in this case, so we can actually just adjust and do whatever we feel is right.

So we have decided to open the registration again. We will give you all a 1 hour window on Friday 15.00 Swedish Time. That’s 14.00 in London, 9 in the morning in NYC, 6 in the morning in LA (Shout out to Ice-T), 22.00 in Tokyo, 23.00 in Sydney and so on…

Once we have all the people that wants to register in the books, we will match that to our online members, sort out the ones that are not members and the ones that entered more than once. And then we will email you instructions on how this drop will go down. The actual purchase will then take place next Wednesday May 17th (shout out to Norway). Time will be announced to those who have registered.

I hope this was clear enough. If you already have registered – you don’t have to re-register.

Bluku Bluku

Erik & Peter and the SNS family

Registration closed
Registration is now open