Founded in Bolton, England by Joseph William Foster and named after himself, ‘J.W Foster’ started to make running shoes in 1895. He was one of the first shoe manufacturers that put spikes on running shoes and after his sons became involved with the company, they changed the name to ‘J.W. Foster and Sons’. Many years later, in 1958, two of his grandsons started a company called Reebok, named after the African gazelle with the same name. Everything kicked off when an American distributor licensed Reebok shoes for the States in 1979. With the State-Side success, Reebok began producing athletic shoes for women, like the ‘Freestyle’, which is until today the most sold Reebok shoe ever. Later on, Reebok became a multi-sport brand with divisions such as basketball, football or of course gym-sport. SNS stocks models such as the Phase 1, Workout, Daytona, DMX Run or Classic Leather as well as a range of apparel. See below what is currently available.
Reebok, one of the leading sportswear manufacturers with models like Phase 1, Workout, Daytona, DMX Run or Classic Leather are available at Sneakersnstuff.

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