Sneakersnstuff Tribe

Sneakersnstuff Tribe

Sneakersnstuff TribeSneakersnstuff TribeSneakersnstuff Tribe


Our goal

Together with adidas we are happy to introduce the Sneakersnstuff Tribe. A running tribe with the goal to run a 10K run August 15th in Stockholm called Midnattsloppet. Together with our running coach Lisa from Runday we have started to train for the run and we have all received a personal training schedule that we are following for the upcoming eight weeks. Some of us are beginners and some of us have run marathons but that doesn’t matter – we are doing this together for the fun of it.

Follow our journey to Midnattsloppet here and under the hashtag #sneakersnstufftribe on Instagram.

Sneakersnstuff TribeSneakersnstuff TribeSneakersnstuff TribeSneakersnstuff Tribe


Follow our journey to Midnattsloppet


Our first training with adidas