Nike ACG


The Nike ACG series formed in 1989 (first mentioned in 1988 though) has become one of the most influential mens and womens sportswear clothing lines on the market. Even though Nike began discovering new territories earlier in the ´80s with success around the Nike Hiking branch, it wasn’t until 1989 that Nike made it official, and launched Nike All Conditions Gear.
Nike`s new adventure was picked up fast by Tokyo’s early adopters, New York rappers and subcultures like skateboarding, which appreciated the comfort and functionality of the shoes… you do the math, what works well in nature, provides grip and stability can also work on concrete, grip tape, and rails. Just take a look at the lineup, Tinker Hatfield, Sergio Lozano, Tory Orzeck, Peter Fog, Carl Blakeslee and Robert Mervar to current Nike designers like Nate VanHook, it’s undoubtedly the crème-de-la-crème of sportswear design.