The Nike ACG series, formed in 1989 (first mentioned in 1988 though) has become one of the most influential sportswear lines on the market.Even though Nike began discovering new territories earlier in the ´80s with the success around the Nike Hiking branch, including the Nike Lava Dome in 1981, the Gore-Tex utilizing Nike Approach and Nike Escape, it wasn’t until 1989 that Nike made it official, and launched Nike All Conditions Gear. Staying true to their craft, Nike took its performance and sportswear heritage and transformed it into a range for the great outdoors by incorporating heavy but functional materials, sturdy outsoles and a mix of neutral earth-tone colors with eye-popping elements that blend-in with nature but shows love for inner-city style aesthetics.

Photo: Louise Carrasco Styling: Jeanne Faucher DOP-Video: Yoann Suberviolle for Sneakersnstuff


Nike`s new adventure was picked up fast by Tokyo’s early adopters, New York rappers and subcultures like skateboarding, which appreciated the comfort and functionality of the shoes… you do the math, what works well in nature, provides grip and stability can also work on concrete, grip tape, and rails. All-time greats like the first ACG models the Nike Air Pegasus ACG from 1988, the Nike Air Mowabb, the outstanding Nike Air Moc, the Steve McDonald designed reinvention of the Jesus sandal Nike Air Deschutz or the soon-to-be retroed Nike Air Revaderchi from 1992 are all part of the out-of-this-world ACG history. Just take a look at the lineup, Tinker Hatfield, Sergio Lozano, Tory Orzeck, Peter Fog, Carl Blakeslee and Robert Mervar to current Nike designers like Nate VanHook, it’s undoubtedly the crème-de-la-crème of sportswear design.
While technically the line was, and still is, designed for an outdoor-wilderness kind of purpose, the charm of the special shoe box, the incorporation of current technologies, the aforementioned colors, the non-commercial nature of the range, the logo and overall quality the products from head to toe send signals that trigger a button of a cult-following, waterproof-loving hikers and a downtown niche scene that makes Nike ACG evolve into much more, a passionate playground for Nike, where designers meet to make polarizing off-road rustic but modern looking products that exceed any hype. With the arrival of the new ACG collection, Nike continues to create excellent pieces built to last for the modern explorer, from debuting the ACG Ruckel Ridge or ACG Dog Mountain to the whole line of apparel, we are stoked to stock them and present you the exclusive SNS photoshoot from Paris by Louise Carrasco.