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Teenage Engineering PO-80 Record Factory

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Teenage Engineering’s PO-80 record factory makes it possible to cut your own Mono vinyl at home. The compact and portable record cutter has been created in collaboration between the Swedish consumer electronics brand, designer Yuri Suzuki, and Japanese toymaker company Gakken. PO-80 enables you in your home to create 5” vinyl records and then play them in Lo-Fi sound. The easy-to-build DIY PO-80 kit includes everything to build your home-vinyl-cutter in your own four walls, just make sure that kept away from young children as it contains sharp metal and other small parts.


- Teenage Engineering PO-80 Record Factory White/Orange

- Monophonic record cutting & playback

- Recording time: 33rpm approx 4 minutes / 45rpm approx 3 minutes per disk side

- USB powered. 3.5mm mono input/output terminal

- Size: 3.54" x 6.30" x 5.91" / 19cm ×16cm × 15cm

- Weight: 1.26 lb / 570g

- Included in the box: PO–80 assembly kit, spare cutting needle, 6 black 5-inch blank records, USB power cable, 3.5 mm audio plug, adaptor for 7-inch records, Gakken magazine

- not recommended or intended for children 0-12 years of age.