Sneakers ER Long-Lasting Superhydrophobic Protecter Pump Spray

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Hailing from Glasgow, Sneakers ER has developed a range of products for the protection and restoration of sneakers. After just a short time in the game, Sneakers ER has already put their mark on the sneaker map. With a remarkable product mix of sneaker cleaning-, protection- and restoring items, Sneakers ER provides solutions for every situation in your sneakers life.



SNEAKERS ER SUPERHYDROPHOBIC PROTECTER protects your sneakers using an innovative Nano-Technology to repels all types of liquid and dirt in a unique formula that is suitable for SUEDE, LEATHER, MESH, NUBUCK, CANVAS, GORE-TEX & MORE.

It is further resistant to all liquids. It forms a highly durable, long-lasting, invisible protective barrier against water, coffee, oil spillages and other accidental stains, with no alteration to the appearance or breathability of materials after application.

When applied encases each textile fiber with an invisible coating of silicon dioxide of nanometre level (one-millionth of a millimeter). These nano-sized structures bond to each fiber ensuring long-lasting protection.