MadeMe Belt Bag

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Blue Sparkles



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The 2007 established “by girls, for girls” brand MadeMe hailing from New York City representing and focusing on today`s downtown youth. Taking in the powerful female-first ethos shaped in the ´90s, MadeMe celebrates the pioneering woman who shaped music, fashion, and culture during these days.


This MadeMe x LeSportsac belt bag is a versatile bag, you can pretty much use it for a loooot of things, like going to the corner bodega (yes, we just did it, no bodegas here in Stockholm but day-dreaming us to Brooklyn for a sec). The bag features an adjustable strap with clear PVC and rave-inspired graphics.


- Zip closure

- Adjustable buckle straps

- 65% Polyurethane, 35% Rayon

Blue Sparkles