Reebok Club C 85 x Walk Of Shame

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Olympic Creme/Yellow



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Russian fashion Brand Walk of Shame has teamed up with Reebok for a capsule collection. The sportswear line takes inspiration from David Linch`s Twin Peaks series, boasting a vintage feeling

No Reebok collaboration is final if there is not one collaborative work on a trainer. The Walk of Shame picked the Club C 85, a tennis sneaker from the ´80s which gets a special vintage Russian treatment. The cream-colored low-top silhouette features a lightweight EVA midsole with a rubber outsole as well as a mesh upper with a special abrasion-look on the leather overlays.


- Reebok x Walk of Shame Club C 85

- Mesh and leather upper

- EVA midsole

- Rubber outsole

Olympic Creme/Yellow