Jordan Brand Wmns Air Jordan 1 Sage XX

Artikelnummer Ao1526-400

Light Blue/Light Blue



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Drop number two of the acclaimed Nike The 1 Reimagined. This time with a more colorful approach.


This Air Jordan 1 Sage XX keeps the classic silhouette and strips it down to the most basic elements of the shoe. The summer-ready light blue slip-on model is kept in suede and supple leather, while the stitches are turned inside-out. On the side, you will find the classic Jordan Wings logo and the tongue is branded with a tonal Nike Air logo.


When you look back in time Nike had many defining years, but 1982 and 1985 were special. First, the Air Force 1 saw the light of day, designed by Bruce Kilgore for the game of basketball this shoe became much more than just a sneaker for the court, it became a statement on the streets. The first basketball shoe to house Nike Air came as a high and low model, using mesh and leather materials, was inspired by the Cathedral of Notre Dame (high) and the American presidential airplane “Air Force One” (low). It further brought another man into the picture, Tinker Hatfield who used to be an architect for Nike became a footwear tester for the Air Force 1, the rest is Nike history.

In 1985 the Air Jordan 1, Michael Jordan`s first signature shoe was released and reinforced Nikes status in basketball footwear. Peter Moore, the man behind the design of the shoe, the wings and ball logo created the classic silhouette inspiring a whole generation of sneakers to come. As time went by, both models were used for collaborations and hybrids but what Nike did now is something new. Nike asked 14 women from several Nike departments to rethink these two classic silhouettes, bringing together expertise from footwear design, coloring, and material all in one room. The task: create five new designs for each iconic model in two weeks just for women.


Light Blue/Light Blue